... friday fun

... and it's been a while! I took time off today to sort thru my studio mess, pick up supplies and do a spot of grocery shopping as apparently we have no food in the house!!!
It took me most of the day and was home in time to photograph some newly made beads and jewellery from earlier this week.
I am definitely in a winter frame of mind, something that normally does not bother me - but it seems that even the weather is starting to have an influence on my work.

This week I traded my usually bright transparent glass for rich bold reds, plums and deep gold lustre opaques - and following this theme, made large flat geometric shaped beads.

... and this is the result! I've been wearing it all week (testing it out, of course!) I'm really happy with the colour combinations - they seem to balance each other nicely and the hint of bronze "bling" adds a little something to the arrangement. Have a lovely weekend everyone. - Liz x

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Glass Bead Art said...

Loving your colour combos at the moment Liz!!!