... murrini madness

... Murrini are small chips of glass, snipped from longer canes ... used by bead makers to decorate their beads. Murrini can be encased within the bead or left on the surface to interest and detail.

I normally make my own murrini but lately have been drawn back to colourful and funky styles made by Lori and Kim and Renee from Jet Age Studio and more recently Glacial Art Glass in a different coefficient luring me in to dragging out my Bullseye glass and playing with this. This is on the agenda for later this week!

... heart shaped murrini from Glacial Art Glass

Simple star burst, floral or geometric patterns and designs in both opaque or transparent glass can add interest to a bead but complex murrini, more often than not made in "components" and then assembled to create one large design is an artwork in itself .....

The work below highlights talented Australian glassbead makers whose other talents extend to creating complex murrini and crafting tools used to make them.

Complex "tiger" murrini created by Natalie

... beautiful butterfly murrini by Vanessa

... hand crafted optic molds and murrini made by Jennifer Potts.

Well, I'm off to prepare notes and student packs for my felting workhop tomorrow - so drop by in a day or so for photo updates of our workshop. Talk soon - Liz x

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