... long overdue

... what a fabulous weekend! I just love this time of year - especially if you're lucky to be at the beach. At times, it was a bit wet and overcast but it didn't stop us from a beach swim, heading to our favourite markets and spending some down time with our boys.

The weekend away also has given me a some uninterrupted time to finalise my travel details for my overseas trip later this year to NY. I have to admit, I am pretty excited but now realise that I will be able to put all my paperwork aside and settle back into my usual routine for the next few months. I know I'm still going - but for now, it's business as usual.

And last but not least, I was not at my computer this weekend so the draw for the birthday earring give-away did not take place until we returned home. Congratulations Megan - I will be in touch with you very soon. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition by joining my blog or my facebook fan page. I appreciate your support! There will be more opportunities to take part in "freebies" in the near future - so stay tuned!

Tomorrow it's back to work as usual as I finalise all my pieces for the forthcoming BrisStyle twilight markets being held on April 30th in King George Square. I am really looking forward to this event as heralds the start of many new and innovative market events being planned by BrisStyle and supported by the Brisbane City Council. Watch this space for further updates. Have a great week - Liz x


Konadobsession! said...

Hey Liz! Thx for following my blog! My parents are off to NY next week and we wish we were going with them. Make sure you go to the Guggenheim!

Sandrine said...

The beach is so wonderful for relaxation isn'it!Have a great working week!x

Creative Arty Facts said...

Nice to see you here Carli - hope all is well! I am looking forward to NY and dont worry, all those places I've ever dreamed of going to are on my "to-go" list. I am going to the ISGB conference.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Sandrine - Noosa was wet and windy. Perfect for lounging around, reading books and drinking wine. It was a great way to re-charge the batteries and spend time down time with my family.