... play time

Santa bought me some very special tools this year. I've been a good girl and worked hard and so some special bits of Carlo Dona came my way. Yesterday I had a chance to play with my new toys, only to realise that I am going to need some "real time" to get to learn how to use these tools properly.

I have been lusting after these hand crafted tools made by 3rd generation Muranese artisans for quite some time now, the bell flowers in particular. I already have the heart tools and so now my collections begins to grow.

I also made some off the mandrel leaves yesterday - another thing I need to work on. I put them together to show you my handiwork! I posted the rest of the pics here if you want to see a few more. Baci - Liz x


bubbachenille said...

They look great to me!

Leisa Zoeller said...

Wow if thats you having to get used to the tool, I cant wait to see when youve mastered it! Gorgeous!

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thanks Miriam and Leisa for the kind words. I just love my new tools, but love the end products even more so! Liz x