...ok, so I missed the 12th day!

...because I was too busy relaxing, but I do apologise. It was a wonderful day though - I pretended to clean up my studio, bought some more glass on line, sorted though my work table (not finished), watched a dvd (mamma mia), read one of my new books and had no less than 2 spas.
And, if this wasn't enough bliss - Christian made crepes for breakfast - yum!
Can you tell I'm enjoying the break? I have now officially finished all my custom orders and gallery work for the year - (yay) and am looking forward to a little more rest and relaxation over the next few day.... ciao!


Leisa Zoeller said...

Sounds divine Liz. If you have time I would love to catch up sometime in the next few weeks. Nothing major, just chatting, coffee stuff like that. - Leisa

Creative Arty Facts said...

Hey Leisa...always have time for you! Free whenever you are ... Liz

jenny said...

That is really very fantastic and I like a lot of your collection for our first meeting... I like the coffee most. Thanks.