.. a few of my favourite things in French!

Today is Bastille Day and in our house, its the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. It's the one day in the year that reminds me that I should have been a bit more dedicated to learning the language (other than the little I already know....Christian Dior, Lancome, chin-chin*, yoplait etc. etc.)

I have opened the red wine, the cheese is "on the nose" and the beouf bourguignon is cooking away. I'm thinking seriously of tasting the wine before the guests arrive.....

Yesterday was a good day to step out of fast lane and spend some time with friends. We caught the new movie Coco. It was fabulous - from the beautiful scenery right down to the gorgeous couture that graced the Parisian bourgeoisie of the time!
It was set in France in the late 1800's - my some of my all time favourite times and places.

Hope you've had a great day - au revoir!

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