... a plan in the making.

Several years ago I came across these silver plated cuff link blanks that I just had to have. They've been sitting in my art cupboard for all this time, just waiting to be used. The gorgeous Muranese murrini chips were a gift from my friend Sharon who bought them in Italy last year. They are just beautiful but very different to the smaller style of murrini I make and use in my own beads.

Last week while at the Stitches and Craft show, I took a course run by the lovely Pearl Toh who ran workshops teaching slumping and fusing techniques using a microwave kiln. We covered basic techniques but the ideas in my head were growing by the minute!

Some play time yesterday had me bee-lining my way to the cupboard in search of the murrini and cuff link blanks. I used the beautiful Italian Millefiori to make the cuff links you can see in the photo. I'm very pleased with them and I can't wait to get into some more of it this afternoon.The process between glass bead making and slumping glass are very different but I can see a wonderful relationship between the two art forms beginning to develop. Ciao - Liz

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