....is it Friday yet ???

The weekend is fast approaching and I am looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. This morning I set up my jewellery display for the art show this weekend. It was a good feeling to walk away and know it's all done.
I wanted to show you some "eye" beads that I made to support an organisation that is raising funds for villagers of the tiny Himalayan community of Bhutan.
The challenge was raised by a South Australian Artist to support the event "An Eye for An Eye ~ Let there be Sight"
I've been thinking about how to use these particular beads in my jewellery ~ the earrings on the right are some of the pieces I have made so far.
The annual Noosa Jazz Festival is fast approaching and again this year, we are looking forward to linking up with friends who will be travelling from Melbourne. The Society Synchopators , who hail from Melbourne are one of our favourite Jazz bands and the free outdoor concert on the lawns of the very swish Perigian Golf Course is already pencilled in my diary!!!


Katherine from Melbourne said...

Goodmorning Liz, What a lovely start to the morning to see your new and beautiful beadwork. Have a great week and looking forward to seeing you in Sunny Noosa! Bye for now!Katherine

Anonymous said...

Hey Kath
Looking forward to linking up with you at the end of the week - talk soon, Liz x