almost there....

Spring is in the air - well, almost! Officially, we still have 2 weeks to go. But I'm beginning to see the changes already. The sun is up earlier and the days are getting longer - the light that shines through my studio window is beginning to shift and so I know, the warmer weather is not too far away.

I am getting ready to re-model my studio. A new tiled floor and slim-line work benches are on the drawing board. I will have to pack up my entire studio and start to make some sense of the masses of glass I have accumulated over the past few months.
Keep an eye on My Etsy store and my website for the fabulous bead bargains. I will keep you all posted when the photos are up.

For the time being, I am continuing to put the final touches to the jewellery collection I have been working on for the past few months. These will be showcased at the Bay Art Show this coming weekend, starting on Friday night. I am quietly nervous, but thrilled to see the how the collection has evolved over the past few weeks...I will post some photos later today.

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