... 100% orangic

... I'm back after a little break !!! Did you miss me? My burns are healing quite nicely but the time away from the flame has given me the opportunity think about things and to further develop and explore some ideas I've had in my head for a long time now....

... completely handmade - from start to finish!
I took advantage of a sale that Interweave were having on their electronic publications and bought myself some (more) "how to" projects. I had almost most of the materials needed and the beads I used were ones that I had made previously.

Handmade beads + hand made hooks + hammered silver bits = totally groovy earrings!

...  floral "dog tags" ~ now in etsy
Not making beads for a while has also given me some time to finish off some enameled orders. I have been enjoying the "flame enameled" ride and this creative muse is giving me lots of satisfaction atm - kinda feels like a little glassy goodness "on the side" ....

Hope you've got some fabulous things planned for the weekend. I'll be getting my purple on and groovin' with his royal highness PRINCE on Saturday night ... can't wait! Talk soon, Liz

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