... stringing options

... are sending me round the twist! I am always on a quest to find new and stylish ways to display my beads. Packaging and presentation is pretty high on the "visual checklist" of what's important to me. I have changed the way I package my beads several times now - and now, on the eve of my next show, I'm doing it again!

I travelled to the US last year and was lucky enough to take part in a bead shop tour - that stopped at Bead Breakout in Rochester.
I stumbled across some Indian Hemp cord distributed by BeadSmith. It is beautifully arranged according to colour and small enough quantities not to make you bored! I have a new rotating stand that I will be using and I've been using this colourful cord to string my beads. Of course, how that are displayed really has a lot to do with how you end up packaging them.

new display options

... business card option

So, its now 8.30am on Sunday morning. I've been up for ages thinking about all the things I need to get done today before the temps reach 32 degrees +
  • up early - check!
  • feed whining cat - check!
  • update blog while kiln is warming up - check!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend peeps! I will draw the loVe earring studs at the end of the day and post tomorrow - cheers, Liz x

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