.... blue Monday!

... is what it felt like today - can you tell? I'm not too sure how other bead makers do it but my approach to bead making and designing is def. all about the colour! My colour palette over the weekend was "blue". Of all the coloured glass I have in my studio, It's probably a colour I use (and wear) the least (2011 resolution #6 - use glass colours you have lots of) even though i really like it !

... blue Hawaiian

... blue daisy-painted!

... bluestone loVe

The studio practice over the past few weeks feels more like a "production" line rather than the "free love" sensation I usually strive for. I think I'm just beginning to understand the workload associated with the commitments I have made for 2011.

Anyway - enuf said! This week (up until Valentine's Day) I am sharing the loVe and free shipping on all purchases from my online store. I will be adding new stock daily, so pop in from time to time to check on the new stuff. Free shipping will apply to both local and international shoppers. So, have a great week everyone ~ Liz x


Pesky Cat Designs said...

beautiful blue creations!!

Cathryn said...

Those are pretty! In fact, one of them looks like my neice-to-be's wedding colors!