.... black and white

... beads make a classic colour combination! B + W, ying and yang, plus or minus, give and take - however you see it - it's the perfect recipe for stylish jewellery for almost any occasion!
Working with a limited colour pallet pretty much sums up my style of work. Monochromatic pieces can be very striking and make visually bold statements - the pieces below are a change from the summery transparent pieces I usually make around this time of year.

... weekend play time + a great score from the OP shop!

... Christmas goodies on their way down south!

My boys are already on school holidays - wow, it feels like its getting earlier and earlier every year! All they seem to want to do is sleep, rest and recover from another grueling year at school. For now, the "sleeping in" arrangements suit me as I need the morning quiet time to finish orders and prepare packages that are post office bound. Come next week, all this will change! Hope they are ready to rumble, cos I am!!! Enjoy the week - talk soon: Liz x

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