... omg - look a the time!

... and I'm still making bits and pieces for my RSES entry! Everyone has left for the day and I'm on my 2nd coffee for the morning. Today I must collect myself and focus on my work without looking for distractions!

... projects in the making

I still have orders to finish, parcels to pack and beads to make that will eventually be part of projects and classes at Monnies. The photo shows some I prepared earlier ... more news on this later as I still have to take photos and write the tutorials, but I promise you they will be lots of fun!

... and talking of fun, we had a great time at the Felted Bead workshop which started last weekend and will finish this Wednesday night. Looking forward to meeting up with the girls tomorrow night. In the mean time, it's back to the torch for me - talk soon, Liz.


Art In Glass said...

They are gorgeous!!!!! Love the bright colours Liz:)

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thanks Kath - very relaxing to make and lovely to play with!