... paris dreaming

this is where my head is at the moment....

and here.....

... and really, a million miles from where it should be!
I know this is because my sister has just come back from a weekend in France. It's been on my mind now for the past week or so. It made me ache inside to want to be with her. Paris is beautiful and it was Emilia's first visit. I wish I'd been there to show off all my favourite places ....
You know, the places that you always visit again and again even though you've been there before, and the big gallery on the riverbank, and that wonderful cafe with the patisserie on the corner ...... *sigh*
Well there! It's off my chest now but I don't know if it will make me feel any better. I will struggle today to get thru my "other" to-do list. Wish me luck - au revoir.
** We took these photos the time before last - but they are still some of my favourites. Night time photography can be a bit tricky but I reallly like the tower image.

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Sandrine said...

Oh no Liz!!If you start that you are going to make me really home sick!So just think...they are freezing themself at the moment there and it is cloudy and busy and...does it make you feel better?:)hehe