... variations on a theme

... spot the difference yet? Well these felted beads (as opposed to the glass ones I normally make) have been on my mind for long time. Re-visiting techniques in this medium brings back lovely memories from workshops run by the very talented Carol Dival in the N.S.W southern highlands a long, long time ago.

I thought I would be a bit rusty - but I guess once you learn the technique, it embeds itself deeply in the brain ... just like riding a bike, right?
It was lots of fun - especially using these gorgeous size 9 delicas to decorate the surface .... (think dot placement, even spacing etc. etc.)
OK ... the good news is that you too will be able to make felt beads as I will be running workshops at Mad Monnies. I am sooooo exicted about this - no dates yet, but you be the first to know. I can tell you though that is will be some time soon! In the mean time, feel free to contact me if you need any further details. Ciao ~ Liz


Twinkle Star Art said...

Cool felt beads! Very unique.

Thea said...

HI Liz, thanks for visiting following my blog. Let me know when you start the workshops and I will blog about it too. Cheers!