... on the 6th day of Christmas

... I realised that I have missed a few Christmas days since I last wrote! Can you tell I've been a bit busy? What was I thinking????? Anyway - I have been a bit pre-occupied but hope to have a more time to post over the next week or so.
This is a collection of big hole beads I have been working on for a while now. Originally they were created with the idea that they be worn around the wrist, but now look pretty funky worn on long leather lariats that I've been making. (more news on this later thought....)
Some of these sold since I took the photo but I just wanted to show off some of these little gems.... enjoy the day... talk soon, Liz x


Sandrine said...

HI Liz it was lovely to meet you Saturday your blog is gorgeous too!A bientot!
Sandrine x

Creative Arty Facts said...

Bonjour Sandrine - it was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous family as well.
Your felted silk wraps are absolutely gorgeous Sandrine! Liz