... new cabs etc. etc

It's been a crazy week at my house over the past 7 days. I have so many jobs on the go that no sooner do I finish one project, it's time to finish something else. I'm starting to panic that I will not have it all together for the weekend Designer Markets!
Yesterday I managed to slump some more cabs ... I'm really loving their smooth, round shapes but they're a really bugger to photograph! I wanted to add them to my etsy shop today but the photos are not coming together.
In the mean time, my g/f Margie is doing some fabulous things with Cabs and seed beads. Margie's blog this week features a cabochon I made a few weeks ago ... hop on over and have a look!

If you're looking for cabs, check back into the later on. Hopefully, I will have some more cabs up for grabs - other new stock includes new murrini ear studs. Have a great week - ciao for now - Liz x

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